More languages!

Everyone should be able to participate and take part in decisions in every section of society with equal rights. This is fundamental for green thinking.
Language problems should not be an obstacle. Therefore learning the German language is to be furthered – starting from kindergarden. On the other hand Germany should become more and more multilingual – for instance by the administration to address migrants in their native languages. By using their mother tongue beside the German language society also shows respect to migrants.
Last not least multilingual competence is a precious asset, an advantage for society and a great chance for the individual in a world that becomes more and more international and diverse.
Thus our green local organisation has published texts dealing with important matters in several languages – starting with English, French, Russian and Turkish. Therefore we now add this subpage „More languages!“ to our internet site.
This was possible only by the help of friends and members who translate our text into their native languages. For this assistance we thank them very much.


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