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Brunswick Anti-Rightwing Alliance:70_Jahrestag

Let’s celebrate!
The Anti-Rightwing Alliance celebrates the 70th anniversary of the liberation from fascism

This year, the day Nazi Germany surrendered, 8th May 1945, has its 70th anniversary. Since then this day has been celebrated as the day of liberation from fascism in many European countries. Even though this day was regarded as a day of defeat by a lot of people in Germany with the towns in ruins and the country occupied by the Allies, this day also marked a new beginning. For people in the countries raided by the Wehrmacht, for the survivors from the work and killing camps, for the forced labourers, for the opponents of the Nazi regime and for many other people who had been suppressed and persecuted by the Nazis this day was, is and will be a day of liberation.

In the last weeks we, together with hundreds, even thousands have taken to the streets against the islamophobic and racist BRAGIDA and have demonstrated for a multi-coloured, tolerant and anti-racist town. Now we would like to celebrate together on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of liberation.

This celebration shall be as multi-coloured and diverse as the Anti-Rightwing Alliance and the many social, political and cultural organizations and groups which have supported us during the last weeks.

A celebration for young and old, a celebration for everyone whatever her or his origin, sexual identity, religion or culture may be! Saturday, May 9th, 2015 from 13:00 to 17:00 on the Kohlmarkt in Braunschweig

Translated by the Integration Work Group of the Brunswick Greens
(03.05. 2015)


Address of Gabriele Heinen-Kljajić, Minister of science and culture of Lower Saxony,
at the rally of the „Anti-Rightwing Alliance“ in Braunschweig on Febuary 2nd, 2015

Dear Braunschweiger, dear supporters of the Anti-Rightwing Alliance!

For the third time we are meeting here to stand against intolerance, racism and hatred against Islam. It is extremely important to show that we are for a cosmopolitan and tolerant Braunschweig. But for the future it is important, too, that the broad civil commitment against hatred of foreigners remains alive even when we do not meet here on Mondays anymore.

It would be a great mistake to think this problem will go away with an ending of the Pegida demonstrations. Current surveys prove that nearly every fifth person interviewed shows understanding for Pegida. And this phenomenon is not new. In the end Pegida is just the manifestation in the streets of what pollsters have already established for quite some time. An assortment composed of radical-right-wingers, right-wing hooligans, conspiracy theorists and people living with a vague feeling of being disadvantaged.

This mixture combined with a radically simplified conception of the world and an outrageous resistance against facts is dangerous as it unfortunately finds a sympathetic ear with a lot of people. It affirms widespread enemy stereotypes and fires prejudices which jeopardize social peace in our immigration society. That makes it even more important to organize public opinion against it. And the more important it is for all democratic parties to resist the temptation to canvass by using these resentments.

We need at last a minimal political understanding that adheres to a culture of welcoming towards immigrants and a humane immigration policy, which acknowledges that integration is not only an obligation of the immigrants but also a responsibility of our society to immigrants. Only this way we will finally succeed to stand up to the latent hatred of foreigners in our country.

Germany is an immigration country which 16,6 million immigrants, including 4 million Muslims, call their home, in which they live, work und pay their taxes and in which their children go to school.

And we shall need more immigration to cope with problems like the skilled worker shortage and the safeguarding of our systems for social security in the future. The more colourful, tolerant and open a society is, the more creative and attractive it is.

Nowadays there is a lot of talk whether one has to speak with the followers of Pegida because not all of them are radical-right-wingers. That may well be so. Certainly one has to listen to them. This is the task of politics anyway. But those who want to gain attention every Monday have also to accept the question which banners and which slogans they are running after. Anyhow the Pegida demonstrations are not a basis for dialogue.

It is utterly legitimate to be afraid of Islamism. But to equate Islam with Islamism is infamous. Whoever responds to this fear with hatred for foreigners either wants to play with fire or has not understood that you cannot fight fanaticism with fanaticism.

The issue of Islamism can only be faced by us together, as a society with all its groups and – that goes without saying – together with the Muslims living in Germany. The phenomenon of Islamism is global but no longer an issue that does not concern us. We as an immigration society have to ask ourselves, why young people feel that marginalized that they declare our western democracy and our liberal model of society an enemy stereotype. Our Muslim fellow citizens in their communities have to ask themselves, how it could happen that young Muslims in Germany have been radicalized that badly.

This task can and should only be accomplished with the basic understanding that we all are one society. The gathering this evening sends out the signal that in Braunschweig we do not allow anybody to divide or split us. Here we stand together as Christians, Humanists, Jews, Muslims and any other religion against racism, fanaticism and hatred against Islam. Here we stand for a cosmopolitan Braunschweig which is open for refugees and welcomes people with other cultures, colours of skin and religions.

Not the increasing number of refugees in Germany is the political scandal. But the fact that thousands of them in the course of their flight drown in the Mediterranean Sea is a scandal. That there are citizens in our country who claim the construction of housing for the refugees in their neighbourhood to be the downfall of the occident is a scandal. We reply to the hollow claim of a allegedly super alienation with the call: No tolerance for intolerance! As members of a strong democratic society we will come together again for this purpose as long as it is necessary.


Call of the „Anti-Rightwing Alliance Braunschweig“

Leave no Room for Racism, Nationalism and the stirring up of Hatred against Refugees!

Monday, January 19th, 2015, here in Braunschweig, too, racist „Wutbürger“ (enraged
citizens) together with neo-Nazis and rightwing „Hooligans“ will take to the street against an allegedly threatening „Islamization of the Occident“ with a first „Monday walk“. Rallies of „PEGIDA“ lately joined by thousands in Dresden on Mondays serve as a model. In Braunschweig the organizers call themselves „BRAGIDA“ („Braunschweig against Islamization of the Occident“). On their Facebook site „Braunschweig wake up“ they mobilize meetings of the „Hooligans against Salafists“ („HoGeSa“) in advance.
For the supporters of „HoGeSa“ and „BRAGIDA/PEGIDA“ the condemnation of „Salafists“ and the „Islamic State in Iraq and Syria“ (ISIS) is the pretence of their „protest“. What truly unites them, however, is a culturally/racially motivated hate against Islam, a chauvinist nationalism und a degradation of refugees and others they perceive as „foreign“.

We welcome every woman and man who has fled because of political or religious persecution, of discrimination, of hunger and poverty or for other reasons from their homeland!

We say NO to (anti-Muslim) racism, nationalism and discrimination of refugees, but also to religious fundamentalism – regardless, whether it calls itself Christian, Islamic or otherwise.

We stand for a multi-coloured and tolerant town where nobody is excluded or degraded due to his origin, colour of skin, culture or religion, gender or sexual orientation!

We call for a loud and visible protest against the „Monday walks“ of „BRAGIDA“

Bündnis gegen Rechts Braunschweig
(Anti-Rightwing Alliance)

>>>Rally: 19.01.2015, 16:30 Uhr, Kohlmarkt, Braunschweig<<<

Arbeitsgruppe Integration des Kreisverbands Braunschweig von Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen

(10.01. 2015)

An electric car?01
My first 3000 kilometres going electric

Since September 2014 I am driving an electric car.
Why have I chosen a vehicle whose motor is propelled just by electricity?
I considered it quite carefully.

The full article as a PDF file: here

(22.12. 2014)

Call of the Greens for OB Final Ballot on June 15th, 2014Grünes Logo

We ask our voters to participate in the Final Ballot for Lord Mayor on June 15, 2014.
Unfortunately, Holger Herlitschke, the only candidate who would have stood for a Green Braunschweig, is no longer in the race. Nevertheless, there is still Ulrich Markurth (SPD), a candidate, in cooperation with whom we see the most likely chance to implement Green ideas.
For us these include above all:

  • A sustainable and integrated urban development
  • Light rail expansion and further improvement of environmentally friendly mobility
  • Providing affordable housing
  • Expansion of early childhood and school education with regard to quality and availability
  • Renouncing the policy of privatization
  • A development concept for Soziokultur
  • Transition to renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable development (Energiewende) on a local basis
  • Extension of the three-baths-concept by supplying locations for school and sport clubs swimming
  • Solution to the problem of radioactive materials in the north of Braunschweig
  • More commitment to noise control at the airport, especially at night.

(Resolution of the Special Members’ Meeting of the Kreisverband (local organisation) Braunschweig of Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen on the Lord Mayor Final Ballot on June 15, 2014)


10 Green Demands For A Modern Migration Policy:Gesichter-Yesiliz-150-158

  1. Strengthening human rights and democracy all over Europe
  2. Keep up the right to freely choose the place to live and work within the EU
  3. Understanding migration as a chance to stay economically successful
  4. Simplify the recognition of foreign degrees and professional qualifications
  5. Preventing work exploitation by preventing illegal work contracts
  6. Consistently combat racial discrimination
  7. Fair and solidary distribution of refugees between the EU member states
  8. Combat the reasons of escape, not the refugees
  9. Hosting refugees of civil war and extend resettlement programmes
  10. Easier access to health care for people without identity papers