Welcome to our green local organization!

Willkommen-beim-KVWe, the Greens of Brunswick, generally meet once a month. Though this meeting is called Members’ Meeting it generally is open to the interested public. In these meetings there are talks dealing with different political subjects. It is here that we discuss and are supplied with information about the work of green members on the city council and the councils of the suburbs. Here, too, we elect the board of our local organisation, our candidates for the elections to the city council of Brunswick and to the councils of the suburbs as well as our delegates to the provincial and national party conventions. All decisions of the local organisation are taken in the Members’ Meetings.
Besides we have established work teams in which, too, party members and nonmembers work together on different subjects. At the moment there are work teams which generally meet once a month for these subjects:
Education – Women – Integration – Social matters – Environment – Traffic
Places and dates of the work team meetings are to be found under the headline Termine.
In the work teams we prepare suggestions for the local organisation as well as for the green members on the city council and the councils of the suburbs. Here we plan our own activities in a certain political field, too, and connect closely with action committees, migrant organisations, administrations etc. For instance major parts of the green program for the local elections in 2011 have been preparend in the work teams.


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