Juliane Krause: from the region, for the region

Candidate of the Brunswick Greens for the Federal Election on September 24, 2017

Our Green candidate for the Deutschen Bundestag (German federal parliament) in Brunswick, Juliane Krause, hails from Bad Grund in the Harz mountains. Later when her family moved to Schöppenstedt she attended school in Wolfenbüttel and studied in Brunswick. Juliane Krause knows the region and is aware of its peculiarities. At the same time she objects to local egoism in our region. Its strength derives from the things we have in common. Therefore she considers herself as a candidate for the whole region.

As a professional planner Juliane Krause is a woman with heart and ambitions. Her public statements are thoroughly thought through. She does not start a project without a strategy. When she goes ahead she fights with conviction and long wind.

Her hobby is part of her job

She dedicates a lot of her professional and private efforts to the Mobilitätswende (reorganising mobility). For Juliane Krause there are good alternatives to the automobile: walking, going by bike, bus or train. She does not own a car anymore. However the automobile is no witches‘ brew to her which should be banned. Instead Juliane Krause wants to reduce it to what it is: a useful mean of transportation for certain distances. The great dominance of the automobile diminishes the quality of life in towns and cities.

Hence she has concentrated on furthering pedestrian and bicycle traffic as well as more attractive public transport in her professional career. It annoys her that car traffic claims a huge part of public space to the disadvantage of the space pedestrians and cyclists need. No wonder that she watches closely the reorganisation of the motor industry and the connected new business models and wants to put them into the focus of her political activities in the Bundestag.

Citizens may meet Juliane Krause nearly every day in the Östliche Ringgebiet, a Brunswick suburb, where she lives and works. The city of short distances allows a well ballanced combination of her private and professional life.

For her many friends she, a singe parent, handled the management of her planning office and her political and social activities with great ease. Her son who has long since spread his wings is a trusted counsel for her. They are closely connected by a warm and cordial relationship.

The importance of balancing life and work

Bild: Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Braunschweig; Juliane Krause Grüne Braunschweiger DirektkandidatinJuliane Krause likes to relax, too. When her head is throbbing visiting the botanical garden helps. Especially on hot summer days around noon she is finding herself a cool place there. After a long and demanding working day she likes to enjoy good food and a glas of white wine. Juliane Krause is fond of cooking herself. She buys fresh fruit and vegatables particularly in the weekly market in front of the Prinzenpark. She rarely serves meet. For her organic food goes without saying.

Gardening means relaxation for her. For decades she helped her mother to keep up a large garden in Bad Gandersheim, today her balcony gets much time and care.

Equality for women and men

Juliane Krause is very sensible for iniquities between women and men. She accepts diverse life plans of women but it gets her really started when women are pushed in traditional roles like household work, child rearing or basic jobs in the social sector. She is involved in a number of women networks and with her activities makes perfectly clear that women and men are to be on equal footing. She also cannot comprehend negative attitudes towards lesbians and gays. According to her the time has come to demand and implement full equallity and get done with the issue of discrimination at last.

To think outside the box

Every once a while she has to leave Brunswick to broaden her horizions and think outside the box. She manages to do this in her job as well as privately. When traveling she prefers walking, going by bike, bus or train like in Brunswick. On her journeys she is interested more in the countries which are not in the focus of our tourist industry like Romania, Ukraine, China and Vietnam – and the tour should be in some way connected with her professional interests.

Juliane Krause is a Green Party member with heart and mind

With electing Juliane Krause the Brunswick Greens have got an experienced and well settled candidate. She has been very close to the Green party and its values for many years. Also politically she is not at all unexperienced. For a lot of years she has been deputy borough mayor in the Östliche Ringgebiet. By her various volunteer activities as well as by her professional surveys she has become an acknowledged political adviser, too. Now she has got the chance to gain political responsibility. We, the Brunswick Greens back Juliane Krause.

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